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Caring for a French Bulldog

Shedding and Grooming

In the spring and the fall, French bulldogs lose their undercoat. Just take a pet brush to her to remove the excess hair. Most of the year, they aren’t big shedders.


Frenchies need a bath at least once a month. More if they’re getting dirty or sweaty. With all those wrinkles, bacteria can get in and cause infections and discomfort.

After a bath, it’s important to dry him really well. Don’t leave water on his skin, especially in the wrinkles, or it might cause problems later.

The Wipe Down

Twice a week, she needs to be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth or a pet wipe. Wipe in the wrinkles to remove dirt and bacteria. This will help to prevent issues and make her much happier. It’s attention too, so that’s always welcomed!

Teeth and Nails

As with any dog, they need their teeth taken care of. The goal is to brush each side for 30 seconds every day. Start when she’s a puppy so she’s used to it. If you wait until she’s older, you’re going to meet a lot of resistance.

French bulldogs don’t wear down their nails, so they need to be trimmed. Again, this is a job to start when they’re puppies. Adults don’t like having their feet touched and will make the job a lot harder.


French bulldogs should be fed almost exclusively meat and animal fats. Look for the highest quality food you can get and your dog will thank you by having more energy. Frenchies are prone to obesity, so watch calorie intake. Not too many treats either! No matter how much he begs!

Feeding Puppies

Puppies should get 1.5 cups of puppy food a day served in two to three meals depending on your schedule. This will work until their about 6 months old.

Feeding Adults

Adult food can start at six months. It can be 1.5 – 2 cups of high quality food a day split over two meals. Make sure you stick to a time table. French bulldogs are much happier when they know when they’ll be fed.

French Bulldog Health Concerns

  • Skin folds – As mentioned above, all those skin folds can harbor bacteria. Wipe downs and baths are great for this.
  • Eyes – French bulldogs tend to have eye issues. Juvenile cataracts, ulcers, and other eye issues can show up. Go straight to your vet if there seem to be any problems.
  • Back – Some Frenchies will develop back or disk issues. This is a part of their genetics. You should try to limit them from jumping off furniture, steps, out of cars etc.
  • Heat stroke – French bulldogs are very susceptible to heat. They can’t be left outside in the heat of the day, the house needs to be kept cool.
  • Breathing troubles – Because of the structure of their noses, many Frenchies have problems breathing, including loud snoring, wheezing, sniffling, and grunting. It’s just part of the breed, but if it seems to slow your dog down, see you vet.
  • Obesity – These are pudgy cute dogs, but some can become too pudgy. Regulate her diet and get a little more exercise and everything should be fine.
  • Flatulence (Oh, my!) – Frenchies swallow air when they eat. This gives them gas. It’s not unbearable, but it does happen. At least, you can actually blame the dog.

Swimming – Kind of like hairy little boulders, French bulldogs are not great swimmers. Their stubby legs and muscular bodies make it hard for them to swim. There are some who can swim, but it is not the norm. Please have a pool fence that remains closed at all.

The World’s Greatest Little Dog

French bulldogs are great dogs. Once you fall in love with one, you’ll never get away.

Love, care, and a bit of attention, and you’ll have a little pal that will give all the unconditional love you could ever want.

If you’re considering getting a French bulldog, give us a call at Majestic Blue French Bulldogs. We’ll help you find just the right pup. 480-518-1520

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